Events at Jaaga Startup

We love hosting interesting, creative organisations and events. So if you need a central location to host your audience, do get in touch by requesting to host your event at Jaaga Startup. We offer free space to meetups and other free events targeting the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Write to us at with your requirements or click on the button below.


Most free events targeted at the entrepreneurial community are hosted for free. So get in touch today. For reference, if you don’t qualify for free hosting, our prices are listed below.

Main HallMeetups, workshops80 peopleWeekends and holidays₹1500/hour
TerraceCelebrations40 peopleWeekends and holidays₹1000/hour
LoungeMeetups, workshops30 peopleWeekday evenings, weekends and holidays₹1000/hour

Right to Use

  • You retain the rights to all content created and presented by you at Jaaga Startup.
  • However, Jaaga Startup has the right to use photos, videos, audio or any form of documentation of your event and its related content on its website, publications and any other means for promoting itself.
  • Conversely, you are welcome to use any documentation tools to promote your event at Jaaga Startup with due credit given wherever applicable.


  • Sunday events are almost always charged as we have to arrange for staff cover.
  • Marketing and/or corporate events are also usually charged.
  • We will provide chairs, tables and basic AV equipment as required. Additional supplies will be your responsibility.
  • For public events, we will assist you in increasing outreach if you tag us in social links.
  • Damage to Jaaga Startup equipment, building or property will be charged to you.
  • When you leave you must clear the space provided and the premises such that it is as good (if not better) than how found it.
  • We do not share our mailing list but are happy to share event details with our communities over email and social media.
  • Nothing may be hung or posted on walls, windows, or other surfaces without prior consent from us.
  • Our kitchen space is shared and you are welcome to make use of it. Please note, we ask that everyone clean up after themselves (put trash in bins, wash your own dishes) and leave the space as you found it. We also ask that food be restricted to the kitchen or terrace areas to avoid attracting unwanted critters.
  • Our staff will help you (to a limited extent) with arranging the space. Do NOT tamper with the electricity connections, lights, sound, walls and any other Jaaga Startup facilities. Contact your Jaaga Startup event contact to help you on this.
  • We have a projector, basic sound system, and WiFi access that you may use during your event. We ask that you bring your own laptop for use with the projector. It is your responsibility as an event organizer to come over, check our equipment and facilities and make arrangements from outside well in advance for anything additional or specialized that you may need.