Dharmesh Ba

UX Design

Why UX Design?

Design brings in the human aspect into any product or service. However attractive an idea might be on a paper, it takes a bunch of people to use the product and make it successful. Design helps you in facilitating the conversation between your product and people. For any entrepreneur, who is building a people centric startup, design and its understanding becomes an essential skill.

Why Dharmesh Ba?

Dhamesh has been working with startups for the past 3 years and has in depth understanding of how a product shapes itself during various phases of a startup. His expertise can help the entrepreneurs in eliminating the unnecessary and retaining the essential for a product . He is a digital product designer and works primarily with startups in translating their vision into the product. Dahmesh has previously worked with Adobe, headed the design team in a food tech startup called 'Holachef' and also collaborated with Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for the 'Records for Life' project. He is a graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Are you interested in working with Dharmesh Ba?

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