Kabir Banerjee

Product Management

Product management is all about managing time, the most valuable and only resource we as humans have yet to figure out how to reproduce.

Why Product Management?

It's key for early stage entrepreneurs to A) validate whether the problem they're trying to solve truly exists, and B) whether their approach truly addresses the problem (PMF). Without these foundational ""checkpoints"", they are likely wasting their time

Why Kabir Banerjee?

Kabir has been working with startups across multiple domains for the last 7 years, primarily in product, user research, and strategy capacities. These domains include health/wellness (LiveComplete, HealthifyMe), jobs/livelihoods (Babajob), and business operations analytics (NTELX, Leado). The solutions he's managed range from web apps, to mobile apps, to SaaS. As a result, he's learned, through both failure and success, that user research and customer discovery is foundational to successful solutions, regardless of domain or technology. Kabir's goal is to help aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs avoid many of the pitfalls he has personally experienced, and get them to PMF.

Are you interested in working with Kabir Banerjee?

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