Rajeef M K


"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

Why Android?

Early stage entrepreneurs would benefit from technology inputs because some of the problems they're trying to solve or the experiments they're trying to run, could be accelerated by putting together existing piece of technology rather than reinventing them. For those who already make use of technology, a nudge in the right direction would save hours of time spent on development cycle, which is a precious commodity for startups.

Why Rajeef M K?

Rajeef is an Android Engineer and a consultant working closely with early stage startups in bringing their ideas to life or stabilizing their existing protype and preparing it for scaling. He also helps teams understand their product's user behaviour and setup tools for data driven product development.
His clientele includes idea stage entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 company. Apart from coding and consulting, he is also involved in training people on building Android apps through workshops.
Rajeef was part of Jaaga's Study programme and was mentored by Freeman Murray on software developement, alternative living, yoga and meditation. He's also a passionate design thinker and a declutter enthusiast.

Are you interested in working with Rajeef M K?

Write to us at hello@jaagastartup.in!