Vivek Vijayan

Product Management
Data beats opinions

Why Product Management?

Product Management systematically converts ideas into businesses by combining technology, business and design in the right measure. From product discovery for startups to maximising product value after product discovery, a product walks with the foot of a Product Manager. Any enterprise - regardless of the size - needs a superior Product Management practice to create products that are valuable, feasible, usable and indeed delightful.

Why Vivek Vijayan?

Vivek is a customer focused Product Manager with more than a decade of experience churning technology products for consumers and enterprises on both desktop and mobile. Vivek has proven product development experience at visionary large enterprises like Motorola, Nokia and Intuit as well as at nimble small companies like iPass and Nestoria.
Where can Vivek help you?
  • Product Discovery - applying tenets of Lean methodology to validate ideas and iterate on versions of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Product Roadmap: Establishing metrics that matter and defining iteration based product roadmap that helps your team concentrate on 'how to build' instead of worrying about 'what to build'
  • Product Execution: As a cross-functional expert, establishing the right tools and Agile framework to imbibe a build->measure->learn product development culture. Get the ball rolling - get products out of the door.
  • First Product Manager: Great Product Management team with awesome Product Managers, Data Analysts and UX Designers is critical to create products that your customers love. Vivek can help establish a great team and culture.

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