About Us

Jaaga Startup is part of Jaaga, started in 2009. We introduced coworking to India as a means to bring together passionate folks who want to create new impacts. Our mission is to strengthen ventures solving real world problems and we do this by engaging closely with entrepreneurs in a collaborative community. We curate our community to create a balance of skills, sectors and networks to help each other build stronger ventures.

Our Team

KumarKumar (aka KK, aka Veeru) is the centre manager. He is patient, efficient and loves the energy that coworkers bring. When he’s not at his desk Kumar is tending to our terrace garden.
TejTej is the CEO. As an ex-Jaaga coworker he understands your needs. He is a hardware entrepreneur focused on sustainable engineering and understands product, having delivered 40+ products to clients.
ArchanaArchana founded Jaaga with Freeman Murray. She is a designer (NID) and intuitively understands community building. Archana is passionate about building Bangalore’s heritage in arts and entrepreneurship.
FreemanFreeman founded Jaaga with Archana Prasad. He is a silicon valley entrepreneur who helped build one of India’s first accelerators - iAccelerator at IIM-A. Freeman is passionate about the role of software in building better lives and livelihoods.
ShaonaShaona is passionate about research-driven, iterative product/service design. She is great at big picture, futuristic thinking as well the details that make good things great. When not at Jaaga, Shaona uses football to help children develop life skills.
SarahSarah is ex-Goldman Sachs and brings another keen eye for detail. With a head for spreadsheets she can help separate the bullshit from reality when it comes to financial plans. Sarah is great at the questions that move you forward.

Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

Charles Eames